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Long Time

So sometimes there is so much to say that all you can do is shrug. Then years later you can't remember what you did, in say, 2012, because your life was too complex and intense and confusing and delightful for you to ever get it down in words.

That's me, right now, with this post.

I'm tempted to just shrug off the last 6 months, and just blog about-- I donno-- maybe snails.

A move, a move back, some critical decisions, a new job...Yeah, I'll go with snails.

**** So the other day the girls and I were walking around the farm in the pre-dinner witching hour: too early to put them in bed, too late to go anywhere or start anything. We walked all the way out to the wild guavas and picked enough to fill my skirt and RJ's skirt full of the yellow ping pongs. You have to eat them in one bite, don't look inside, and just leave the spiny top. Swallow the seeds and any little worms there may be inside and roll the tangy stuff around in your mouth.

RJ found a snail-- a big …