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Travel Thinky Thoughts

10,000 miles in three weeks. Am I crazy? Possibly. 

I just took myself and my three kids, 11, 8, and 2, on a wee bit of travel. I have thoughts about it. Early morning, groggily jetlagged, got back last night and the toddler needed pizza at 4am, unpacked just enough to find the toothbrushes, thoughts about it.

This was our itinerary:
One day driving to Las Vegas
One day driving to Los Angelos
One day (?? extended weird warp travel time) traveling to Copenhagen
One week in Copenhagen
One day traveling to Edinburgh
Four days in Edinburgh
One day traveling to Fort William via the slow train
Two days in Fort William
Two days on the Isle of Skye
Two days in Oban, one on the Isle of Mull
One day traveling to Copenhagen
One day in Copenhagen
One (horrifying extended nightmare) day traveling to LA
One day traveling to St. George Utah
And one day driving home to Utah Valley.
It was a lot.

It was every mode of transportation, every style of travel. Long drives, chugging steam trains, sleek city metros, gaspi…