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My First Day of Hula-- an unfinished blog post

My feet are tired-- they're propped up in the baby papasan chair; my back is sore (my physical therapist is going to scold me) and I should go to bed but I want to record my impressions of my first hula class while they are fresh-- while they are from today. If I wait till tomorrow they will flatten, truncate, abbreviate.

So today was my first day of hula! I've been wanting to start for ages--over a year. But signups are only once a year and I missed it in 2015 so this time I jumped on it. Or rather, I had my husband jump on it. I was in Colorado with my kids-- 8, 5 and 1 month old-- and even from afar I cajoled him into signing the girls and me up.

The girls were not impressed. They moaned and whined.

I do not care. I told them, "This is a non-negotiable."

They have very advanced vocabularies.

Today I overheard this conversation between my 8 year old  and a naughty 7 year old.
Naughty 7 year old: I saw a rooster and a hen HAVING SEX.
Circle of children: EEEEW…