Last night Sister Terukina and Sister Drummondo came "hallooing" at the door. They are two very tidy gray and efficient Hawaiian ladies, the last two surviving of their ten siblings.
Sister Drummondo handed me a print-out and tapped it: "This month's topic is We are Created in the Image of God, and Certainly Not in the Image of Monkeys!"
"Oh, I donno." I said, folding the hand-out, "I'm pretty monkey-like myself."
They laughed politely.
An idea struck sister Drummondo: "Do you know about Tutu and Me? At the Imiola Church? The preschool? Oh, you would LOVE it!" She patted my arm conspiratorially. "It's all haole ladies!"
I must have reacted in some unexpected way. She explained.
"Well, you know, everybody else is too busy working!"


  1. and what is it YOU are busy doing, monkey girl? we all know it's not working...ha!


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