A Letter to the Editor

This letter was published in The Garden Island Newspaper on April 8, 2009:
Color blindness is wonderful

When someone asks, “Are you haole?” I respond, “Why what I did?”

When someone says, “What comes after two?” I respond, “Tree.”

I now say “da” instead of “the” and always great people with a friendly “howzit.”

I legally changed my name from James to “Kimo.”

President Obama says there is not a White American or an Asian American or a Black America, there is only the United States of America.

Color blindness sure is a wonderful thing, or should I say “ting?”

James “Kimo” Rosen, Kapa’a
Any guesses-- is this tongue in cheek? Is this a joke? It couldn't be-- could it-- for REAL?
If it is... how is saying "ting" and "da" colorblindness? And what's the opposite of color blindness anyway-- colorseeingness?
And since when is blindness of any sort a virtue? How about color-seeing-but-it-doesn't-adversely-effect-my-behavior-or-thoughts-ness?


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