I have been reading a really wonderful book called the Darwinian Tourist, and it has made me blink dumbly in the bright distance of time.

The Universe is 13.7 billion years old, the Earth is 4.6 billion years old, life is 3.5 billion years old, Mammals first appeared 200 million years ago, the first Hominids 6 million years ago. Modern Humans have only been on the planet 200,000 years ago. 50,000 years ago humans first left Africa, and only 12,000 years ago did our closest human relatives, the Hobbits or Homo Floresiensis, die out.

Here's that timeline retold as if it were just one year. Here it is in toilet paper.

 In that context, Kure and Midway were formed 40 million years ago, where Hawaii is now, and Kauai was formed 6 million years ago.

People came to Hawaii only 1500 years ago.

All of this fills me with awe.


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