Love Poems. 1

I'm on a tropical island with you.
Whales breach, dolphins spin,
seals sun themselves, turtles surface..
We could go beach...

The canyon is every shade
of red and orange and green--
waterfalls are white streaks on cliff faces
rainbows arch into the misty sky...
We could go mauka...

Friends and family throng the pavilions at the beach,
barbecue smoke and sunset ocean views,
Slippers in a sandy pile, fish sizzling in the wok oil
wooden hashi snap and scrape
We could go party...

But let's us
You and I
Stay home
Light the candles
And keep the noise outside
at bay.

(Another class assignment! This one is based on "In Paris with You" by James Fenton, which is a funny anti-romantic poem about all the things the author will NOT be doing Paris. My prompt to the students was-- Write a love poem about all the things you DON'T want to do.)


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